The International Date Line as evidence of God

Most examples of intelligent design don't do it for me. I understand evolution. I don't need to see an eyeball as a product of a cosmic watchmaker: I can grok how it evolved. But the International Date Line is another matter. How is it that the only longitudinal gap on the whole planet with almost nothing along it is precisely opposite Grenwich?

I think the conversation in Celestial Creations went something like this:

"Hang on. They'll need clocks in that primitive phase of their development. If we want them to only have three World Wars, we'd better leave a gap for a nice clean dateline that doesn't split any land masses. Remember that Creation with too many continents."

"I was only the Chronicler of that one. The architecture wasn't mine!"

"Sensitive about it are we? Anyway, work with me on this: it'll be one of the western European nations that imposes global time..."

"Make sure it isn't the Belgians!"

"Quite. Not sure which one - it depends how hard the barbarians ride. But my money is on the Brits, protected as they are by that extra water we put in. Or the Portuguese. Both scrappers. Either way it's the same, time-wise. So we need to leave this gap here on the other side exactly opposite for a date line."

"It's not very straight!"

"Well it was when I first sketched it, but He wants New Zealand bigger this time."

"New Zealand was perfect the way it was, smaller. Just because it is the best spot on the planet doesn't justify enlarging it. Not in the best of taste I say."

"One can have too much of a good thing. But you know how He is once He gets an idea in His head. Excess wins over good taste every time: giraffes, cheese, aurora, breasts, opal, cocaine, tyrranosaurs, USA... He'd do the whole planet in fluorescent velvet if He had His way."

"Shhh. Leave the kink in: don't spoil New Zealand by changing it now. And I'll put this bend at the other end of the Date Line to help the Cold War along".

It all fits, doesn't it? It can't possibly be an accident.