Ban carbon-14 in food

Why doesn't the government ban foods containing radioactive carbon-14?

Fact: Carbon-14 (a.k.a. "radiocarbon") accumulates in the human body and releases damaging radiation.

Fact: Carbon-14 causes millions of cancers

Fact: Carbon-14 has a half-life of over 5700 years!!

Fact: Carbon-14 is more radio-active than Uranium

Why is nobody doing anything about it?

In fact their are signs of a government conspiracy about this. Why does the US Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms require a MINIMUM level of radiocarbon in alcoholic drinks?



If you haven't seen the fallacy in this post, you've been suckered. If you don't understand the humorous science in this, you don't know enough about radiation to be worried about it. Get on with life or go read about C14: it's everywhere in nature. i bet you think hydrogen dioxide is a hazardous material just because it kills more people in accidents than any other chemical.