One more overseas adventure: here's my shortlist

In about 5 or more years I will be without earthly ties: I will have nothing keeping me here in Wellington except a house, a garden railway, and a classic car.

The plan is to live overseas one more time before I retire back to New Zealand. But where? Here's my shortlist:

Chiang Mai
still top of the list. I love everything about Thailand: the exoticness, the resilience, the humour, culture, arts, architecture, food, design, language, scenery, railways, and of course the people. Some of my happiest times have been there
Chiang Mai is a wonderful city, full of history and charm. Not too big but big enough.
and of course Bangkok is a hub to anywhere so I can still work when I need to.
I speak a smattering of Thai.

lovely city, lovely lifestyle, and again well placed to travel for work. I'm a big Gaudi fan, especially his furniture.
I speak basic Spanish.

If I like Thailand I think I'd like Vietnam. It's high on my bucket list. Historic Hanoi appeals: the French influence.

Costa Rica
a wild card. One of the better countries in Central America. Everything I read about it tells me I might like it.

an even wilder card. It just seems like such a cool country. I always regret not visiting when I was down that way. I think a Kiwi might like it there.

a wildly wild card. I suspect I wouldn't last long in Arabs and heat. But it still seems a fascinating city.

Perhaps the first year should be spent checking out all five.