Evil money

Money is not the root of all evil.

Money is just exchange of value. It's not some evil entity, it's an emergent phenomenon of society. There's no such thing as society without it, only the form differs. Make no mistake we all operate to survive, and to ensure the survival of our children. It's innate.

Money does not turn us into an evil species destroying our habitat. If you think no other species is destructive, you're living in a hippy dream. Arguably we are the ONLY species that moderates it's destructive potential. 

If you believe in the evil of money ou are confusing cause and symptom. Money is not a cause of anything. Money is a symbol for exchange of value. How humans choose to exchange value is due to our nature not the presence of money. Money will always be present even in Shangri La. You cannot remove money and remove a problem . I'm not disputing the problem - greed - I'm just disputing the cause.

Actually I'm also disputing the problem. Last century had some of the lowest death rates due to war in human history, as a percentage. it also had the war to end all wars which taught us not to do it again. And it definitely had the lowest death rates due to disease in all our history. That's why there are so many of us. I can have only one child and be confident he will live to adult-hood. Prosperity and life expectancy is rising everywhere. These are not the symptoms of a fundamentally bad species.

Dont be a victim of the Misery Media. Life is getting better and all becuae of human drive for improvement. Symbolically reprsnted by money.