First World Problems 

It's wonderful that our world has reached such a level of affluence and safety that we can worry about the tiny negative effects of our abundant, cheap, and reliable food supply.

The issue now is that too many people are ignorant of economics, science and history, so they have no idea what the current situation is, and no perspective on how it compares to the past.

The chattering classes need something to work each other up about. Sometimes it is mercifully focused on what celebrities do, but other times it looks at health, environment or money.
They no longer have to worry about starving or being attacked by the neighbours, or their children dying before they are 1, or the squire seizing their money, or smallpox, or being accused of witchcraft. All they have left to worry about is the unseen and unknown.

So they run scared of contrails, injections, radio-isotopes, pesticides, GMO, and other trivial First World Problems